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Plate Smart

Welcome to PlateSmart Technologies. PlateSmart is the most accurate and cost-effective solution on the market for License Plate Recognition (LPR) for both mobile and fixed security applications.

Our next-generation solutions are designed to fulfill the demands of a multitude of physical security vertical markets as well as commercial enterprises, tolling, and law enforcement.

PlateSmart is capable of reading any license plate from any state and can distinguish state jurisdictions. PlateSmart Software can be easily integrated with third-party hardware and software packages, and it is fully scalable. The software also incorporates advanced information-sharing features, allowing for better collaboration within departments and because it is not dependent on hardware, PlateSmart’s wholly-owned technology makes LPR-based analytic data, a commodity necessary to combat crime in any country, easily and readily available. In short, PlateSmart is a revolution in LPR’s potential for mass adoption worldwide.